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The first Ukrainian safes certified in Europe

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About the company

Paritet-K is one of the leaders in the production and sale of safes and secure storage units on Ukrainian market. Since 1992, the company has been producing high quality products for the needs of European and Ukrainian consumers.

The product quality conforms to the highest international ISO 9001 standards.

Paritet-K is the only member of the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) among the Ukrainian manufacturers of safes.

Production and delivery of the same product for the European and Ukrainian markets. The products have successfully passed certification tests in Europe.

Product certification is carried out according to European standards EN 1143-1, EN 14450, EN 15659.

The production uses advanced technical and design solutions of in-house design bureau.

Paritet-K has unique patented developments in the production of safes and the construction of bank vaults.


Company news

The distinction “Leader in sales of safes in the Epicenter-K retail chain in 2020”

The partnership of Paritet-K with the Epicenter-K retail chain has been going on for over 10 years!

According to the results of work for 2020, our company has become a leader in sales of safes in the network of shopping centers “Epicenter-K”.

We are very grateful to consumers and Epicenter K for the choice and high evaluation of the quality of our products!



Consumer’s Choice 2020 Award

For 28 years, the company has been working in good faith and producing safes and secure storage units. At the end of 2020, Paritet-K Ltd has received the Consumer’s Choice 2020 award. This high mark is the best reward for our efforts!



Participation in the “Arms and Security” 2019 exhibition

The Paritet-K, Ltd participated in the XVI International specialized exhibition “Arms and Security 2019”, which took place in Kiev.

This event was attended by 27,707 specialists, incl. representatives of foreign companies from 61 countries of the world. Most of the specialists who visited the exhibition were from Turkey, India, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, USA, Egypt and the UAE.

The exhibition presented a wide range of gun safes, lockers for the police, safes with armoured glass and safes of the premium segment.


New series of burglar-resistant safes GRIFFON CLE I

Safes of CLE I range are certified by the European certification body ECB-S for grade I burglary resistance according to EN 1143-1.

The CLE I models have the following advantages:— valid ECB-S certificate for grade I burglary resistance according to EN 1143-1;— the case of the safes is filled with burglar-resistant concrete;— protective layer thickness is 25 mm;— door metal thickness is 10 + 4 mm;— safes are equipped with steel alloy plates to protect against drilling and knocking out locks and crossbars;— safes are equipped with a system of re-lockers to protect against the torch cutter and angle grinder;— 3-sided locking system, 7-8 chrome-plated active crossbars, rotating, 25 mm in diameter even in small safes of the CLE I series— the presence of an inner lockable box and a removable shelf in a number of models;— complete with locks: a certified safe key lock STUV (Germany) of VDS 1 class; certified electronic code lock M-LOCKS (Netherlands) of VDS 2 class; certified electronic code lock STUV SWINGLOX (Germany) of VDS 2 class; certified mechanical combination lock La Gard (USA) of VDS 1 class.

Participation in the “IWA & OutdoorClassics 2019” exhibition

In 2019, Paritet-K took part in a large-scale international event – an exhibition of hunting and sporting weapons, accessories and equipment for recreation IWA Outdoor Classics 2019, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany (Nürnberg Messe).

The Paritet-K presented exclusive products and its novelties, among which were the safes of the European CLE I and GH series. Great interest from visitors and other exhibitors was aroused by the GG.700.E WOOD gun safe with armoured glass, exterior trim in natural wood, and other certified gun safes of the Hunter and Griffon brands. The visitors of the Griffon Safes booth were presented with a wide range of European quality safes from a Ukrainian manufacturer.

Novelty! Class 2 vault doors with emergency doors.

Burglary-resistant strongroom doors from Paritet-K are installed in the vaults of banks, in financial institutions or private bunkers, and meet all the mandatory requirements of DSTU EN 1143 – 1: 2014.

Features of the novelty:— The door block consists of a frame, a door leaf with a locking mechanism, additional doors with a grill, and an emergency door.— The thickness of the protective layer is 40 mm.— Doors for class 2 vaults have a multi-sided locking system with active chrome-plated crossbars.— equipped with two certified STUV key locks (Germany), class A certificate according to DSTU EN 1300: 2014, and a mechanical combination lock M-LOCKS (Netherlands), VDS 2 class (K + K + C complement).

Paritet-K became a member of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers (UAFM)

In December 2018, Griffonsafes officially joined UAFM – the All-Ukrainian association of entrepreneurs and enterprises working in the furniture market. Today UAFM unites 162 companies: manufacturers and sellers of furniture, fittings, mattresses, equipment, as well as exhibition and fair organizations and specialized media.

For Griffon Safes, membership in the UAFM is an important step in the direction of business development, a good opportunity to cooperate with leaders of the furniture industry, and an opportunity to expand the partner network.


Security ESSEN 2018 exhibition (Germany)

In September 2018, the Security ESSEN 2018 international exhibition was held. Among the participants, the Ukrainian manufacturer of safes and secure storage units, Paritet-K company (Griffon brand) was present, which specializes in the manufacturing of certified in Europe and Ukraine fire and burglar resistant safes. Participation in an exhibition of such a level is a big step for the entire team of our company in terms of developing new sales markets and reaching the modern level of production. The experience and partnership gained at the exhibition will certainly be continued and implemented! Our team has made a lot of efforts to gain recognition among partners and consumers at the international level. Therefore, we promise not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved!

Leader of the Year Award for 2017

Paritet-K, Ltd became the best manufacturer in 2017 and obtained the Leader of the Year gold award for its main activity – the production of finished metal products (production of safes, armoured doors, etc.).

Thanks to our Consumers for their trust and Partners for fruitful cooperation!

The prize was awarded based on the results of the national business rating in Ukraine.



The Best Exporter of the Year prize in the “Production of finished metal products” category.

On April 27, 2016, within the framework of the II National Export Support Forum, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the winners of the Best Exporter of the Year competition at the end of 2015, among which Paritet-K is the leader in the export of finished metal products.

Paritet-K products were highly appreciated by foreign partners, their competitiveness and quality were confirmed by the demand in the markets of Europe and Asia.



Novelty! CLE II fire and burglar resistant safes

Paritet-K will present the range in the burglar resistant CLE II safes of the GRIFFON trademark, certified by ECB-s, which supports the high quality of this series and the latest European standards.

CLE II burglar resistant safes are certified by the European certification body ECB-S for grade II of burglar resistance according to EN 1143-1. CLE II has a protective layer of the case and doors which is fortification burglary-resistant concrete 55 mm thick. Also, the CLE II model range corresponds to the LFS 30P fire resistance class according to DSTU EN 15659.

Paritet-K is the only member of the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) among the manufacturers of safes in Ukraine

ESSA is the European organization for the certification of safes according to the EN standards adopted in Europe. ECB-S is a certification body which certify safes and provide them with certification marks. EN certificates confirm the ability of safes to resist unauthorized access with the use of physical force and certain sets of tools, accompanied by damage or burglary of the safe.The series of safes manufactured by Paritet-K (GE, W, GH, F60CL.I, CLE.I, CLE.II, CLE.II.LUX, CLE.III) have  EN 1143-1 / EN 14450 certificates and ECB-S certification marks, documenting their high quality and compliance with European standards.


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