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Producing safes and banking equipment since 1992

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Bank safes from the Paritet-K include bank safes of grade II, III, V, VII, and VIII.

In bank safes from Paritet-K, certified high-security locks, four-sided bolt locking systems with heavy duty rotating crossbars and anti-theft pins, special protection against drilling and knocking out the lock and crossbars, multi-layers walls made of special reinforced fortification concrete up to 100 mm thick are used.


Bank vaults manufactured by Paritet-K meet all the necessary requirements of DSTU EN 1143-1 and can be used by banking institutions in accordance with the requirements of the NBU.

Bank vaults are designed to ensure secure storage of valuables, authorized access to them and resistance to burglary. The vault structure consists of two main elements: a shell and a door unit.

Strongrooms are divided into monolithic, modular (panel), combined types by the type of construction of the shells.

Reinforced fortification fiber-reinforced concrete of high strength specially developed by in-house Paritet-K design bureau and ultra-strong reinforced fiber-reinforced concrete DENSIT FLEXBINDER (Denmark) are used in the structures of vaults. The company “Paritet-K” has the exclusive right to use concrete mixtures and DENSIT technologies for the manufacture of safes and safe storage means.


Strongroom doors of 2-13 grades manufactured by Paritet-K are intended for installation in vaults in order to provide authorized access to the vault and resist burglary.

Our vault doors are burglar resistant and comply with all mandatory requirements of DSTU EN 1143 – 1:2014 and TS U 28.7-21488112.002 – 2002. The door block consists of a frame, a door leaf with a locking mechanism, additional doors with a grille.

Paritet-K offers, as an additional option, original paint colours, decorative elements according to the custom order of the client.


The Paritet-K is engaged in the production of bank safe-deposit lockers.

Safe-deposit lockers are designed to store valuables and documents of bank customers. They are placed in certified bank safes, vaults. Safe-deposit lockers are equipped with individual safes and are equipped with 5 – 24 deposit boxes at option. The size of the boxes is from 50 to 500 mm (increments of 25 mm). Safe-deposit boxes can be individually numbered and can be equipped with internal containers/cassettes. Safe deposit lockers are equipped with certified safe locks STUV (Germany), or safe locks EUROLOCKS (Poland), depending on the model.


Paritet-K produces burglar resistant safes of grade Im II and III. Burglary resistance of safes is ensured through the use of special fortification concrete in safes, the use of certified VDS class locks.

The design of burglar resistant safes from the Paritet-K includes hardened plates for protection against drilling, a reinforced crossbar system with active rotating crossbars, anti-theft pins and anchoring with anchor bolts to the floor or wall. The combination of all these characteristics allows us to make the product as burglar resistant as possible.

The compliance of a safe with burglary resistance of a certain class is confirmed by a certificate of conformity, attached to each product, and a special metal nameplate on the inner side of the door of each burglar resistant safe.


Paritet-K fire and burglar resistant safes, which are the fireproof safes with increased burglary resistance, protect the contents of the safe from high temperatures and burglary at the same time. The walls of such products are very thick, have a high level of fire resistance, that is, they are able to withstand fire for 30-60.

Paritet-K fire and burglar resistant safes are also characterized by increased burglary resistance, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

The design of fire and burglar resistant safes is optimal in order to protect valuables from both burglary and fire.


Paritet-K fire resistant safes are designed to protect valuables from fire. The frame of fire-resistant safes is filled with a fire-resistant filler, which allows the structure to withstand direct exposure of fire from 30 to 60 minutes. At the same time, the temperature in any place inside the fire resistant safe does not rise above 160 degrees (in accordance with the European standard EN 15659).

This level of fire resistance allows you to be confident in the preservation of values at a domestic fire. Additional fire resistance of the safe is provided by the use of a special BASF thermal tape (made in Germany), which keeps the doorway from high temperatures penetrating.


Paritet-K offers a wide range of gun safes. The company’s portfolio includes more than 50 models of various gun safes.

An important fact is the presence of certain requirements of the current legislation regarding the technical specifications of the gun safe and its location, as well as access to it by unauthorized persons. Everyone should understand the degree of responsibility that appears after acquiring a gun, and we made sure that everyone can afford this responsibility to provide guarantees of protection, since the need for such a design is dictated not only by the norms of the law, but also by the self-awareness of the owner of the gun.


Paritet-K built-in safes are most consistent with the idea of safe storage of valuables, since, in addition to high burglar resistance parameters, they allow to well mask its structure.

Sufficiently high burglar resistance characteristics of built-in safes are ensured through the use of a protective layer of metal up to 10 mm, special electronic code, key or mechanical combination high-security locks and special elements of reinforcement in the wall fixture.


Paritet-K furniture and office safes are a reliable and correct solution for any enterprise.

Office safes ensure the preservation of important and confidential documents, valuables and funds, seals and valuable articles of the company. These safes usually contain A4 folders or “Crown” folders, they must additionally have a treaser (cash box) with a separate key for storing money or seals, a stationary or removable shelf.Also, office safes can be fire resistant and provide reliable protection not only from burglary, but also from the effects of fire. At this, they can also protect valuable documents and items from unwanted attention of office visitors and employees.

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Paritet-K is the only company in Ukraine among manufacturers of safes and secure storage means who is a member of the European Security Assosiation ESSA

The ECB-S certification mark – a visible quality label of the European Security Assosiation ESSA.
It gives orientation and ensures maximum security for the user.
The ECB-S certification mark documents that the GRIFFON safes series (GE, W, GH, F60CL I, CLE I, CLE II,
CLE II.LUX, CLE III) have been certified by the European Certification Body, meet the requirements of the
relevant European Standard (EN 1143-1, EN 14450), have been manufactured under the quality
management system ISO 9001.


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